Our Approach

Our Approach

Our pets are family these days, The Wizard of Paws staff understands that and wants each pet to enjoy their spa day with individualized care. Our naturally derived products make our spa packages excellent for your pets overall health and well being. Our spa care is more than a few suds and water, it's a relaxing experience!

Our Story


Grooming goes beyond just making your pet pretty, it's part of maintaining the health and well-being of your pet. By maintaining a regular grooming schedule we are able to prevent or find skin and coat issues before they become a serious problem. Many times unhealthy skin and coat are signs of a serious underlying health issue, that if caught early can be treated easily by your veterinarian.

With that in mind The Wizard of Paws staff works with you to build a loving relationship with your pet to become part of their health care team. We are constantly learning and attending trade seminars and classes to stay ahead of the current techniques, styles and health information to offer the best that our pet profession has to offer.

Meet the Team


Sheila Cole

Owner and Senior Pet stylist

Sheila Cole is a 2008 graduate of the PetsMart grooming academy and a certified cat groomer. She is also a member of the International Pet Groomers Association (IPG) and pet CPR certified. While she loves all dogs and cats, big fluffy ones hold a special place in her heart.

Sheila's passion for animals started at an early age caring for all the family pets and often bringing home "foundlings." She started and ran her own club as a kid to raise money for the local animal shelter by selling homemade dog treats and collars. That evolved into working at an Animal Emergency Vet hospital and volunteering at the local wildlife rehabilitation center. Her goal had always been to be a veterinarian, but somewhere along that path she stumbled into the pet stylist profession and hasn't looked back since.


Krista Belfiori

Pet stylist

Krista Belfiori is a 2009 graduate of the Petsmart grooming academy and is also IPG member. She has achieved the title of professional pet groomer and is pet CPR certified. She loves all animals great and small. Krista is owned by several cats, a variety of geckos, two bunnies, and a lovely little corgi named Roscoe. She's very passionate about creative grooming and has been taking classes and seminars on safely coloring and bedazzling our furry friends.


Will Cole

Owner & Operations Manager

The man behind the curtain. Morale officer and helps keep the business running smoothly.

Will and Sheila Cole married in 2007 while he was in the US Navy and she was just finishing up high school. He has been her number one supporter in her developing career as a Pet stylist, encouraging her when others would say "it's not a real job." With a great mind for solving technical problems Will enjoys his primary job at Optimum Energy as a project engineer and uses that mind to help improve the environment of the salon.

jessica crosby

Jessica Crosby

Pet stylist

Jessica is a young talent we're happy to have. She's been grooming for about three years now and looks forward to progressing her skills with her new poodle puppy Roxas. She's very much looking forward to competing in grooming competitions with him and we know she'll do great! She is a member of IPG as well and is working towards becoming a certified master groomer.

She is also very talented with creative grooming and is interested in grooming cats.


Kendra Fuerstenberg

Pet Stylist

Kendra joined us in February of 2019 and we're delighted to have her. She has been groomin since 2015, and has always known from a young age that working with animals was her passion. This is reflected in her everyday work as well as her attention to detail to make beautiful as well as functional grooms. She is working on her certified master grooming certificate but as already achieved the title of professional pet groomer and is pet CPR certified.

She is owned by several reptiles, a guinea pig, several fish, an African grey parrot and the love of her life, Dante, a miniature schnauzer.


Margit Bergeson Vogrinec

Assistant Manager

Margit is a fantastic mother of two very energetic children, and while that is a full time job on it's own, we're happy she shares some of her time with us at the shop. She is always a wellspring of calm and well-being and we couldn't be happier to have her as a member of the team.
Melinda contest

Melinda Hull

Certified Master Stylist & Grooming manager

Melinda joined us in the summer of 2020 and has 21 years of grooming experience. She has owned three salons in Kentucky, gained certification as a dog grooming instructor, and taught a full year in one of the nation’s best pet grooming academies. She also spent two years working in a veterinary clinic and has been competing in dog grooming contests since 2008. Her passion is in curly and drop coats but has experience with most breeds.


Charlie Posten

Pet stylist

Charlie has been in the grooming industry for about six years and has a natural knack for it. They are an exceptionally patient person and does very well with those dogs who need a little extra TLC. Charlie has also worked as a veterinarian technician and is pet CPR certified.

They are looking forward to expanding their experience with terriers and other breed patterns, but are well versed with all sorts of doodle trims.

dog daycare

Kim Lambert

Daycare Manager

Kim is a retired physical therapist with a passion for dogs. She's worked in several dog daycare's and we're so happy to have her knowledge and expertise to boost your pet's overall experience.

She is constantly thinking of fun new games and toys for the daycare dogs to be tired in both mind and body.


Debra Siroka

Assistant Manager

Debra is the magic woman behind most of our emails as well as manning the phones with grace and efficiency.

She is owned by two lovely cats, but longs for a fluffy doodle of her own. At least at work she can get all the dog fix she needs!

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